TurboCloud® is a seperate application that allows you to keep the contents of your local TurboBid database up to date with our current master TurboBid database.

Master Added Items and Assemblies: We continue to add new items and assemblies to our master database. TurboCloud allows you to easily add these new items and assemblies to your local TurboBid database via drag and drop. You can filter the contents of our master database to display only the items or assemblies that are not in your local TurboBid database. To add new items or assemblies to your local database, simply drag and drop them from the master display.

Community Added Items and Assemblies: We strongly believe in the benefits of TurboBid users coming together and sharing the items and assemblies that they've created. That's why TurboCloud features a Community Added section that displays the new items and assemblies that TurboBid users from around the country have created and added to their local database. Simply drag and drop the items and assemblies that you want from the Community Added section to your local database.

Material Pricing: TurboCloud allows you to update the Trade and Target material prices in your local database to match the current Trade and Target material prices in our master database.


TurboPricer® is an optional feature that dramatically speeds up the estimating process by connecting TurboBid to your selected vendors pricing data in real time.

When you've completed an estimate, simply click on the TurboPricer button in TurboBid and a list containing the items in the estimate is electronically sent to each of your selected vendors. The list is instantly matched to your vendor's pricing file and within seconds the items in TurboBid are updated to reflect your current vendor pricing.

After each update, an exception list is generated. If your vendor does not carry an item in the estimate, the exception report will display a list of similar items that your supply house does carry. Detailed information is provided to allow you to quickly add the alternate items to TurboBid's database. After you have added the alternate items, simply perform a mass substitution that will switch out the old item with the new item in every applicable assembly in TurboBid's entire database.

You can also choose to view a detailed list that will display alternates for every item in the estimate. This provides an excellent way to easily expand your item database to include additional material choices for your vendor. Your vendor pricing is displayed for the original items, as well as the alternates, so that you can quickly identify which of the items that your vendor carries offer the lowest cost.

You can also choose to update the items in TurboBid to reflect the average market price. This is a great way to update your material prices in the event that your vendor is not available for the update service.


  • Actual pricing from your preferred vendors in real time
  • Listing of alternate items for each vendor
  • Update material to reflect the average market price
  • Pricing returned in seconds and applied to the estimate
  • Over 2,000 distributor branch locations


  • Increased accuracy and faster bid preparation
  • Improved productivity and profitability
  • More accurate and timely bids
  • Access to supplier’s pricing 24 / 7
  • Competitive advantage
  • Enhanced relationships with suppliers

System Requirements

  • Internet connection
  • Web browser: Microsoft® Internet Explorer 7.0, or Firefox 3.5 or greater

Material Pricing Updates

Material pricing in TurboBid may be updated with the following:

  • Vendor prices may be updated by importing price files supplied to you by your material vendors
  • Vendor prices may be updated with TurboPricer, TraSer Supplier Xchange and/or NetPricer
  • Trade and Target prices may be updated with TurboCloud, Trade Service and/or EPIC


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