Estimating Software for Electrical & Plumbing

TurboBid is the only estimating software program on the market that allows you to estimate all types of work such as new residential construction, commercial, industrial, multi-family, remodeling, service work, flat rate, etc.

Regardless of the type of work you currently do, you should be prepared for whatever opportunities come your way. If you're going to be successful in today's economy, you need an estimating system that will allow you to complete estimates, quotes and invoices for all types of work.

In addition to generating full blown estimates, TurboBid can also generate a Flat Rate Pricing Guide that can be viewed on your smart phone, tablet or PC to allow you to quickly provide on the spot price quotes. TurboBid customizes the price guide to reflect your actual costs and profit. It will include your material costs, your misc. direct job expenses, your labor/burden, your overhead, your profit margins, etc. It will save you time, increase your profits and make your day to day operations smoother.

TurboBid's Flat Rate Price Guide Without Cost Detail: Service technicians typically use this price guide. It can be viewed on their smart phone, tablet or PC. Since you have approved the pricing, your techs can quickly and professionally provide price quotes while on the job. The price guide without details is designed to be shared with customers to instill confidence in your pricing.

TurboBid's Flat Rate Price Guide With Cost Detail: This sample only displays a small number of the tasks that are included in the actual price guide. This guide is typically used by the office. It displays a detailed breakdown of each task, such as material cost, labor hours, labor cost, combined material and labor cost and the sell price. The sell price is calculated by adding your overhead cost and selected profit percentage to the tasks combined material and labor cost.

Think of TurboBid's flat rate pricing capabilities as icing on the cake. If you do service work on a regular basis and feel that you need help estimating larger jobs, why wouldn't you choose an estimating system that can do both? You can start using TurboBid's flat rate pricing today to increase your daily profit margins and make your day to day operations smoother. Then we'll help you learn how to use TurboBid to estimate larger jobs. We can teach you estimating and/or do estimates for you.

Take a look at some documents automatically generated for a commercial project: (The same reports apply to residential, etc)

Formal Proposal - Bid Price Detail - Bid Price - Quantity Take-Off - Quantity Take-Off by Room - Material - Take-Off Detail



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