Estimating Software for Electrical & Plumbing

TurboBid is the only estimating software program on the market that allows you to estimate all types of work such as new residential construction, commercial, industrial, multi-family, remodeling, service work, flat rate, etc.

Regardless of the type of work you currently do, you should be prepared for whatever opportunities come your way. If you're going to be successful in today's economy, you need an estimating system that will allow you to complete estimates, quotes and invoices for all types of work.

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Now Offering Free Setup with Purchase

  • TurboBid Setup: Receive help with setting up your copy of TurboBid from a TurboBid certified trainer. Our trainers all have experience running their own contracting companies and use TurboBid for their estimating. They'll help you setup your copy of TurboBid to reflect your company information, create your manpower classifications with pay rates & burden, calculate your overhead cost per hour, format your formal proposal, etc.

  • Business Mentoring: Our good friend Mike Holt preaches that in order to succeed as a contractor, you need to become a business person. Regardless of your experience or years that you've been in business, you can always benefit from consulting with one of our TurboBid certified business mentors. They have vast experience in starting and running their own highly successful contracting companies and have already been down the same path you're taking.

  • Estimating Assistance: Meet with one of our TurboBid certified electrical estimators in an online screen sharing session. You can work together on your¬†estimates or spend time discussing the¬†principles of estimating.

  • Estimating Service: We'll help you get TurboBid set up and then we'll complete your estimates for you. Think of us as your own on-call estimator. We'll meet online to go over the estimate's scope, prints, etc. so that we can provide you with a quote to complete the estimate.

    Next, we'll complete the estimate on a copy of your actual TurboBid database. This is where we differ from other estimating services. Since we both are using TurboBid, you can send us a copy of your TurboBid database (There are security settings that will prevent us from seeing your other estimates). Since your database will already be set up to include your company information, labor, material, overhead, etc., we simply complete the take-off and then send your database back to you. It's no different than if we were an estimator in your office.

    When the estimate is completed, we'll meet again in a screen sharing session to go over the estimate. If you're satisfied, we'll send the database containing the completed estimate back to you. Keep in mind that by having us complete the estimate on a copy of your TurboBid database, you retain control over the estimate. You can review the estimate and make adjustments if needed.



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