Master Training Video

Master Training Video

The TurboBid Master Video will teach you how to complete an estimate from the first step of entering your customer information to the last step of generating your customers bid package

Additional Labor Tab

Use the additional labor tab to identify and account for all labor that will be incurred on the job other than the material and labor in the take-off tab. This could be labor for deliveries, daily job set-up, daily sweeping, weekly meetings, paper work, etc.

Additional Labor Tab

Learn how to complete the additional labor tab

Assembly Database

Assemblies are made up of multiple material items. For example, a receptacle assembly would include a box, connectors, wire, straps, receptacle device, wall plate, etc.

Add New Folders

Add new folders to the assembly database

Add New Item

Add new items from the maintenance screen

Assembly Maintenance Screen

Explains all of the fields in the assembly maintenance screen

Copy and Paste

Use copy and paste to create new assemblies

Drag and Drop

Drag and drop folders and assemblies to new location

Edit or Delete Folders

Edit folder names or delete folders

Mass Item Substitution

Substitute an item in an assembly for another item. Choose the have the item substituted in every assembly in the entire database

Single Item Assemblies

Add single material items to the assembly database

Tree View

The database is set-up in a convenient tree format


Bid Package Documents

The bid package includes the documents that you'll send to your customer. They typically include the formal proposal, quantity take-off by room, quantity take-off by category, value engineered quantities, bid price, standard option pricing, etc.

Total Bid Price

Displays the total bid price for each estimate in the project. It also includes pricing for options, alternates or quotes

Flat Rate Pricing

Provide your customers with line item bid prices. This works great for service and/or remodel work

Formal Proposal

Contains your proposal to your customer. Clarify exactly what is included in your bid as well as what is excluded

Quantity Take-Off by Category

Displays the quantities and descriptions of what's included in the take-off based on categories. (Receptacles, Switches, Etc.)

Quantity Take-Off by Column

Displays the quantities and descriptions of what's included in each take-off column. Shows your customer what's included on a room by room basis

Quantity Take-Off Add/Remove

Displays the quantities and descriptions of the items that were added and/or deleted from the customer's blueprint

Standard Options Price List

Displays flat rate pricing for any items that your customer might add to the estimate at a later date


Bid Price Tabs

The bid price tabs are where you select your overhead, profit, make any misc. adjustments, review all costs and analyze the bid price

Bid Price Detail

Displays the bid price summary, bid price override and bid analysis section

Combined Bid Price

Combine multiple estimates into a total project bid price

Direct Cost Detail

Displays a detailed listing of all material, labor and misc. expenses

Misc. Adjustments

Adjust the estimates material, misc. direct job expenses or labor by a selected percentage or dollar amount. Add misc. hours to the estimate


Select how turbobid is to calculate and add your company's overhead cost to your estimate. Includes overhead calculators

Overhead Calculator

Our exclusive overhead calculator helps you accurately calculate your overhead cost as well a each employee's billable rate per hour for service work, remodeling, etc.


Select how TurboBid is to calculate and add profit to your estimate

Select Vendor and Sales Tax

Select to include material target pricing or one of your specified vendors

Billable Rate Per Hour Calculator

Billable Rate Per Hour Calculator

Our exclusive overhead calculator helps you accurately calculate your overhead cost as well a each employee's billable rate per hour for service work, remodeling, etc.

Check List

Check List

The check list includes all of the steps required to complete an accurate and complete estimate



Use the code checklist to go over the code requirements with the inspector that has jurisdiction over the project

Customer Info Tab

Customer Info Tab

Learn how to complete the customer info tab


Back-Up or Transfer

Back-up the database or transfer it to another computer

Select Database

Choose between multiple databases such as electrical, plumbing, commercial, residential, service, remodel, flat rate, etc.

Direct Labor Tab - Employee Skill Level

Direct Labor and Employee Skill Level

Select the employees that will be on the job in order to determine your labor cost. Select the employee's skill level to automatically add time to the estimate

Estimate Info Tab

Estimate Info Tab

Each project can have multiple estimates. Create an estimate and select the type of work (Commercial, residential, change order, etc. Labor units will automatically be adjusted

Flat Rate Pricing

Complete a Flat Rate Price Estimate

This video goes over all aspects of using TurboBid to complete a flat rate price estimate

Flat Rate Pricing Report

Provide your customers with a list of service & remodel tasks with flat rate pricing. Also use for option pricing

Flat Rate Pricing Books

Generate your own flat rate pricing books. Displays material cost, labor hours and sell price

Service & Remodel Database Section

Database includes over 45,000 assemblies for all types of work. Over 6,000 for service & remodel tasks

Using TurboBid on an iPad

Learn how to use TurboBid on an iPad or other tablet.


Formatting Reports

Format Bid Price Report

The bid price report is part of your customer's bid package and contains your bid price. Format the report to break the bid price into draw phases

Format Formal Proposal

The formal proposal is the heart of your bid package. It will spell out exactly what is included or excluded. Format it to reflect your preferences and then save it as default for future projects

Format Option Pricing

The option price list includes items that your customer might add to the job at a later date. The items all have flat rate so you don't have to re-estimate the project



Management Reports

Bid Price Detail

The bid price detail report is an exact copy of the direct cost detail and bid price detail tabs. Print this report and keep in the job file


The code report includes all of the code issues that were addressed in the code tab. Print this report to send to the job site as well as the job file

Material List - All Phases

Displays all of the material from the take-off. Export this report to send to your supply house for pricing

Material List - Per Phase

Displays material from the take-off for each phase, such as rough, trim, etc. Export this report to order your material kits

Project Detail

Displays all of the information that was entered into the estimate, such as customer, project, manpower, direct costs, additional labor, etc. Print this report and keep in the job file

Take-Off Detail

Displays the assembly's from the take-off per column. Includes detailed info for each assembly, such as material cost, labor hours, labor cost and bid price

Manpower Classification

Manpower Classification

Set up your employee's costs. Includes a burden calculator that determines costs such as payroll taxes, Workers comp, etc. Also calculates billable hours for a billable rate per hour

Material (Item) Database

Add New Item Using Copy/Paste

Rather than creating a new material item from scratch, you can easily copy an existing item and then tweak it

Add New Folders

Add new folders to the material database tree view

Create New Items

Describes all of the fields in the item maintenance screen

Create Single Item Assemblies

After you create a new item, click the create assembly button to add the new item to the assembly database. New folders are automatically created if needed

Delete an Item

Describes how to delete items from the database


Describes best practice for creating item descriptions

Description With Mfg and Catalog #

Describes how the item database tree view descriptions automatically include the manufacture and catalog #

Drag and Drop

Shows how to move folders or items in the tree view to different locations

Edit Folder Names

Shows how to edit folder names

Job Phase

Assign which phase of the job the item will be used in. This allows you to generate material lists per job phase

Job Phase - Multi Phase

Assign multi phase for items that are installed in different phases of the job. When generating the material list per phase, you can select how to break up the quantity between different phases

Labor Units

Every item is assigned a labor unit that reflects installation time. There are a number of ways to make automatic adjusts to the labor unit


Explains how to assign a manufacturer to an item

Material Costs

Each item is assigned Trade and Target prices. Up to five of your specific vendor prices can be assigned as well

Tree View

The material database is displayed in a convenient tree view where all folders can be expanded and viewed together

View Picture and Catalog Page

View a picture of the item to make sure that's what you think it is or view the catalog page. Catalog pages are great for customer cut sheets

Misc. Direct Job Expense Tab

Includes job expenses such as permits, tool rental, storage, parking, etc.

Misc. Direct Job Expense Tab

Add all direct job expenses, other than the material in the take-off, that will be incurred on the project

New Project

New Project

Shows how to create a new project

Project Info Tab

Project Info Tab

Learn how to complete the project info tab

Project List

Project List

All of the projects that you create are displayed in the project list.

Project Status Tab

Project Status Tab

Every new project has a status of active. Active projects will be updated to reflect changes to material prices, etc. Change the status to submitted, awarded, etc., to lock the project

Quote Tab

Quote Tab

Put together a list of fixtures, switch gear, etc. to be sent for a quote. Quotes can be displayed as an option in your customer's bid price report

Take-Off Tab

Completing a take-off is the act of entering the material and labor needed to complete a job.

C & Q Columns - Export to Excel

Check marks will be displayed next to each assembly that will be adjusted to reflect ceiling difficulty or will be excluded from the quantity take-off reports

Entering a Take-Off

How to complete a take-off

Option Tabs

Add option tabs to the take-off to create option or alternate estimates. Option pricing will be included as stand alone bid prices in your customer's bid price report.

On-Screen Take-Off

TurboBid interfaces with Planswift on-screen take-off software to allow you to complete your take-off using digital prints on your computer monitor

Select Assemblies

Select the assembly's that will be included in the take-off. Assembly groups can easily be saved and added to future estimates

Select Columns

Select the column headings that will be included in the take-off spreadsheet. Each column can be assigned a labor difficulty that will adjust each assembly's labor hours

Take-Off Tab

Goes over every aspect of the take-off tab

Take-Off Tabs 1 & 2

Take-off tabs 1 & 2 work together. You can use tab 1 for per plan and tab 2 for value engineering. Your bid price report will show a price per plan, a price for value engineering and a total price

View Item Picture & Catalog

View a picture of the item to make sure that's what you think it is or view the catalog page. Catalog pages are great for customer cut sheets


Tools Tab

Tools Tab

Enter tool purchases for the project or select a small percentage of labor cost to account for tool usage and future tool replacement

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