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Estimating Software for Electrical & Plumbing

Win more profitable business and improve your professional image

When comparing estimating systems, you’ll find that TurboBid is far more user friendly, that it can be used for estimating all types of work (residential, commercial, industrial, new construction, remodeling, service work, flat rate pricing) and that it produces a far superior bid package than other estimating programs. Please take a few minutes to explore our website and view all of our unique features and capabilities.

There’s a reason that TurboBid is the only estimating program that industry expert Mike Holt recommends. While TurboBid is an exceptional estimating system, our support is even better. We’ll provide you with training not only on how to use TurboBid, but to help educate you in the estimating concepts and principles that we follow.

We get excited about who we are and what we do. We’ve walked in your footsteps and have felt the weight that is on your shoulders. We want to let you know that you’re not alone and that we can help you win more profitable jobs and improve your professional image. More importantly, we can help you regain a sense of balance in your life.

Save Valuable

TurboBid's unique wizard format allows estimates to be completed in a fraction of the time. When you've completed a tab, simply click the "Next" button to go to the next step in the estimating process.


TurboBid will help you accurately determine your exact cost. This will ensure that all of the jobs that you are awarded will be profitable. TurboBid allows you to leave the losing jobs to your competition.

Update Pricing

TurboBid allows you to keep your material prices up to date with pricing services from TurboPricer, Trade Service, EPIC, and NetPricer. Many national and local supply houses have agreed to provide TurboBid users with price files to update their material prices.

Bid Package

TurboBid automatically generates a highly detailed bid package. In addition to saving time, the professional looking bid package gives your customers confidence in your abilities. Now it's no longer a matter of who has the lowest bid price.

Customer Reviews

What our clients are saying

    Clear Creek Electric, LLC

    "I began using the new Flat Rate feature the moment it was uploaded. I have made our first Flat Rate book to distribute to the residental service crew. I just plugged in our rates and it was ready."


    Clear Creek Electric, LLC

    "With money being so tight starting an electrical business, I reviewed many bid software programs. Yours is the very best bid software I have ever seen."


    from Oklahoma

    "I know you feel like it's your obligation to help, but it's also your selling point and a big one for someone like me, who is somewhat computer illiterate."


    Premier Power Inc.

    "The Estimating Software Turbobid is a user friendly program. Very little work on my end. Everything is setup, all you have to do is compute the information."


  • JoEllen Scott:
    LSK Electrical

    "Making the commitment to purchase the Turbobid Estimating Software was the best financial decision for our business. The software has allowed us to prepare high quality, professional bids for all of our projects."


  • Robert Plourde:
    Electrical Contractors & Associates

    "Once you experience the software and how user friendly it is, you will walk away with the best estimating program out there."


  • Robert Cummings:
    Cummings Electric LLC

    "TurboBid has helped me go from losing money and jobs to getting profits and wining bids. I love everything about it. The entire estimating process is quick and painless once you get it set up and with the customer support, setting up and learning how to use TurboBid is so easy."