Introducing TurboBid 5.0

We are pleased to announce the release of TurboBid 5.0.

Click here to download and install TurboBid 5.0

TurboBid 5.0 adds some incredibly exciting new features to not only TurboBid, but to TurboCloud as well.

For first time users, one of the biggest additions is a brand new training mode. This training mode utilizes a wizard format that will walk you through the estimating process. A floating video player will play the appropriate training video for whatever page you are viewing. The video player will always remain visible, allowing you to pause the video while you enter data into the screen you are viewing, and resume video playback as needed. Whether you’re still using manual methods, or have used other software in the past, using a new estimating system has never been so easy.

As far as TurboCloud improvements, it’s really hard to overstate how much of a positive impact these changes will have on your estimating. Here’s a short video from our founder and CEO explaining why TurboCloud is so essential: Click here to watch

Click here to see all of the new TurboCloud videos

Of course, we still haven’t even scratched the surface on all of the new things TurboBid 5.0 brings. Following are a list of the all new features and improvements in TurboBid:

New Features

  • New “Folder Sync” icon added to TurboCloud’s ribbon. Clicking this icon will synchronize your local folders to match the contents and structure of TurboCloud’s master folders. This is a big deal since we continue to add new folders, rename existing folders, delete folders, and move items and assemblies. No longer are you expected to manually edit your local folders to match the master folders. The new Folder Sync process will do this for you.
  • New “Data Sync” icon added to TurboCloud’s ribbon. As time goes by, it is sometimes necessary for us to change the following data for an existing item in our master database: Description, Manufacturer, Catalog #, UPC # and Original Labor Unit. The Data Sync feature will show you the items in your local database that have outdated information. You can choose to exclude any item from being updated. Once you agree, all the items will be updated with the current data values. This new process will make it very easy to keep your database current and up to date.
  • Our support department will automatically be notified of certain errors that you receive while using TurboBid. This will help us identify and fix critical issues that you might encounter.
  • Video tutorials are played in a floating video player. The video player will remain visible until you close it, allowing you to pause the video while you enter data into the screen you are viewing, and resume video playback if needed.


  • When opening an item or assembly in TurboCloud, a preview screen appears rather than opening the item or assembly maintenance screen. Along with all the data, a picture of the item is also included in the preview. A single click in the preview screen will open the maintenance screen if desired.
  • New activation wizard makes it easier to register and activate your license keys for both TurboBid and TurboCloud.
  • Default values for tab dropdowns can be set. If you add “(Default)” to the end of a dropdown item’s description, that item will automatically be selected when creating a new project. For example, if you change “Foreman” to “Foreman (Default)”, the Foreman classification will automatically be selected and added to the Direct Labor tab when creating a new project. Every dropdown has this capability. This allows you to create default values for all tabs when new projects are created.
  • The Flat Rate reports now include the values from the Additional Labor tab, Tools tab, and Subcontracts tabs.
  • Both sides of TurboCloud (local and master) can be resized by dragging the middle bar to the left or to the right.
  • Added more options to the TurboCloud Item right click menu:
    1. Edit: Opens the item maintenance screen
    2. View Picture
    3. View Catalog
    4. Locate in Master: This opens and highlights the assembly in the master
  • Added more options to the TurboCloud Assembly right click menu:
  1. Edit: Opens the assembly maintenance screen
  2. View Picture
  3. View Catalog
  4. Locate in Master: This opens and highlights the assembly in the master
  • Entire folders of items and/or assemblies can be deleted. No longer do you need to delete one at a time. Items that are included in assemblies, and assemblies that are included in estimates, will not be deleted.
  • When a folder, item or assembly is dropped into the local side of TurboCloud, the folder tree expands and highlights the item(s) or assembly(ies) that was dropped. This will allow you to easily verify what was dropped, and where it was added.
  • The category names that are displayed in red text in the take-off tab have been revised. Previously only the root folder description was used. For example: “Distribution Assemblies”. Now, the name of the root folder’s 1st child folder will be added to the category name. For example: “Distribution Assemblies : Home Run Circuits” This new feature greatly enhances the organization of the take-off tab.
  • The material list can now be generated per tab. It no longer combines all the tabs in one material list.
  • Centralized license management screen to easily manage both TurboBid and TurboCloud license keys.
  • A TurboCloud subscription is no longer needed to refresh the contents of the master database.
  • Dramatically reduced the amount of time it takes for TurboCloud to open. Now when you click on Materials or Assemblies, TurboCloud opens right away.
  • The Go button in the search screen is active by default. Hitting the Enter key starts the search.
  • The Help menu in TurboBid has been revised for increased organization.
  • Updated video tutorials.