Introducing TurboBid 5.1

We are incredibly excited to announce the release of our newest version, TurboBid 5.1. We here at TurboBid are always listening to our customers suggestions about ways that we can improve TurboBid to help their company, as well as vastly improve their estimating process. We’re extremely happy to announce that a lot of suggested features have been added in the newest major TurboBid 5.1 update. You seriously do not want to miss out on this update.

One of the biggest new additions is the ability to add items to the take-off tab, as well as assemblies. We have wanted to add this feature for years, and it’s finally happened. No longer do you have to deal with creating single item assemblies in order to add individual items to the take-off. Now, the full contents of your database are at your finger tips.

Although adding items to the take-off is a pretty HUGE deal, that’s not the only update that we’ve made. Below we’ve lined out the biggest changes we’ve made to TurboBid 5.1 (along with some really cool images and gifs to allow you to get a feel for just how awesome these new features are).

You can also view all of these changes, as well as details about every update, at our website by clicking here.

Without further ado, here are the new features in TurboBid 5.1:

Add Items to TurboBid’s Take-Off Tab

  • Items can now be added to the take-off spreadsheet.
  • Items in the take-off spreadsheet are highlighted in a light blue color for easy differentiation from assemblies.

  • Double clicking an item in the spreadsheet will open the Item’s Preview screen.
  • Pressing the Ctrl key and double clicking an item in the spreadsheet will open the Item’s Maintenance screen.
  • Renamed the Take-Off tab’s Select Assemblies button to Select Material.
  • The Select Material screen now includes one tab for adding Items and one tab for adding Assemblies.

Add Items and Assemblies to the Take-Off Tab’s spreadsheet directly from TurboCloud

  • Users can select a single Item, or multiple Items via Ctrl / Click, and select Add to Estimate from the right click menu.

  • The Items in the Image Grid View include a new Add to Estimate button.

  • Users can select a single Assembly, or multiple Assemblies via Ctrl / Click, and select Add to Estimate from the right click menu.

  • Users can right click on an item or assembly in the take-off spreadsheet and select Locate in Tree from the right click menu.

Add Items and Assemblies to the Take-Off Tab’s spreadsheet from “Load Template”

  • The Load Template feature in the Select Material screen has been revised to include Items and Assemblies in the same template.

Revised the Take-Off Tab’s Sort Order Procedure

  • Renamed the Take-Off tab’s Take-Off Sort Order button to Material Order.
  • The Material Order screen now allow users to easily drag/drop folders into the order they want them to appear in the take-off spreadsheet.
  • Item folders are highlighted in a light blue color for easy differentiation from assembly folders.
  • Each folder’s Parent folder name is also displayed so that you can easily see the difference between Flat Rate AssembliesStandard Assemblies, etc.
  • Includes a Reset button that resets the folders back to an alphabetical sort order.

The Assembly Preview screen now displays an image of every item in the assembly.


  • Added the word Assembly to the end of every assembly’s Quantity Take-Off Description so that the various reports clearly differentiate between Items and Assemblies. TurboCloud’s Refresh and Update local Assemblies process will revise these assemblies in your local.

  • Added a new Exclude from Quantity Take-Off Reports checkbox to the bottom of the Item Maintenance screen.

  • All of the Material folders were removed from TurboCloud’s Master Assembly Database. TurboCloud’s Refresh and Synchronize local Assembly folders process will move these folders to a new Under Admin Review folder in your local. You can delete all of these from your local as long as they have not been added to an estimate.
  • Prior to running an update, as a safeguard, a backup copy of your database is automatically created.

  • The Item Maintenance screen has been slightly revised so that the entire screen is visible in smaller computer monitors.

I know, that’s a lot of new features huh?  The feedback we’ve already received has been amazing, and we hope you all enjoy TurboBid 5.1 just as much as we do. We here at TurboBid pride ourselves on being the best, most accurate, estimating software on the market. Every new feature, new update, or new development of TurboBid is done with the sole intention of helping our customers not only win more jobs, but win more profitable jobs.  That being said, we would love to hear of any ideas about new futures or improvements that you have. Remember, we started TurboBid because we wanted to help other contractors and we will always work towards being the perfect estimating system for you and your company.